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ficially putting an end to his populist governmen▓t after only 14 month

s in office, and, opening the

way to a phase of political talks among parties.The announcement came from President Sergio Mattarella's office, following a tense political day in which Conte addressed the senate, anticipating his intention to resign."President Sergio Mattarella ▓has received Giuseppe

Conte, who has submitted the resignation of his government,"

the▓ president's office said in a statement.After accepting the resign

ation, Mattarella asked Cont

e to remain in office to take care of current affairs.NEXT S▓TEPSConsultations will start on Wednesday▓ at 4 p.m. local time, and end on Thursday at 5 p.m., the president's office also stated.They will be led by Ma▓ttarella, whose role in this phase is to verify with▓ all pol

itical forces in parliament whether another▓ majority is poss

ible in order to form a new g▓overnment.He might also suggest forming a t

echnoc▓rat cabinet acting as

caretaker in the next months for the most urgent needs -- such as the approval of the country's next budget -- if political parties agree.I▓f none of these options proved viable, the president will have to dissolve the parliament, and call snap elections, as early as in Oc

tober.CRITICISM TO HARD-LINE SALVINIThe resi▓gnation of Giu

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seppe Conte -- a 55-year-old mild-mannered l

awyer -- was the direct result of ▓growing tensions between t

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he two parties in the coalition cabinet, anti-immigrant Leagu▓e and anti-establishment Five Star Movement (M5S).Conte, a political independent, does not belong t

o either o▓f them.The crisis was triggered by the League leader and Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, who on Aug. 8 public▓ly declared the governing majority no longer exis▓te

d, and it was time to "go back to voters".Soon after tha▓t, Salvini submitted a no-confidence motion in parliament a▓gainst his prime minister, claiming the cabi▓n

et's action was not longer effective due to obstructionism of the M5S.Addressing the senate earlier in the afternoon, Conte harshly criticized this decision, and accused Salv

ini of making irresponsible choices for personal and political reasons."This has been an objectively grave decision, which entails ser▓ious consequences for the

country's political and▓ economic life," Conte told senators."Calling citizens to vote is the essence of democracy, but asking them to vote every year is irresponsible,"▓ Con

te also stressed.Speaking amid his cabinet ministers, with S

itting har

d-faced on his right,▓ Conte accused the League leader to have been looking for a pretext to go back to polls since after scoring▓ a wide victory in European parliament

elections in May.In that vote, the League doubled its support from around 17 percent in 2018▓ national elections to over 34 percent, while his co▓alition partner, th


halve its consensus.Salvini replied immediately after the prime minister, saying he did not regret anythi▓ng he did lately.He explained his decision t▓o pull the plug on the government was due to his coa▓lition partner -- the M5S -- saying too many "no",▓ for ex

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ramPlease scan the QR Code t o follow▓ us on WechatI taly's PM resigns amid polit ical rowItaly' s PM resigns a mid political rowI taly's PM res igns amid pol itical row 08-21-2019 08: 52 BJTROME, Aug. 20 -- Italian Pri me Minister Giuseppe Conte on Tue?/a> 坰day remitted his mandate in the hands of the presiden▓t, of 双城市wap 晋江市wap 锦屏县5G 丹巴县wap 河西区5G 惠民县wap 云浮市5G 锦州市wap 黄浦区wap 茶陵县5G 河北省5G 广饶县5G 长葛市5G 吴桥县wap 秀山土家族苗族自治县wap 西丰县5G 静海县5G 红原县wap 保康县5G 耒阳市wap 小马哥传奇私服 手机传奇私服怎么开 仿盛大1.80传奇私服q 单职业打金传奇私服 传奇私服贴吧 中变传奇私服发布网 1.76神屠传奇私服 迷失传奇私服网站 新开传奇私服私服 传奇私服登录器打不开怎么回事